Dif Kit

Wallpaper Remover Kit includes everything necessary to eliminate unwanted wallpaper from a surface. First, the Zinsser Paper Tiger wallcovering scoring tool perforates waterproof wallcoverings so remover solution can penetrate paste.

The Paper Tiger’s patented scoring disks open surface holes to let DIF penetrate and attack the paste. The Paper Tiger is easy to use; just make circular movements across or up and down the wall to score the wallcovering. The tool penetrates through the wall covering without damaging the wall itself. Other perforating devices use spikes, which easily gouge drywall or plaster and can cause unnecessary repairs. Next, the DIF ready to use gel penetrates and loosens wallpaper, making it easy to pull or scrape off the surface and to remove the residual paste behind the paper. Finally, the Paper Scraper easily removes old wallpaper or residual adhesive after applying DIF. The unique design maintains a proper scraping angle; the reversible, non-razor safety blade works without damaging the surface of the wall.


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