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Oil Glaze


Oil Glaze

Sheetrock brand Plus 3 lightweight all purpose joint compound with dust control is a ready-mixed compound. with a unique formula that binds up fine residue during sanding to form heavier particles that tend to fall to
the floor instead of cloudinBenjamin Moore Alkyd Glaze 409 Studio Finishes Oil, A superior quality alkyd glaze formulated to produce unique effects and add depth to all types of specialty finish projects when intermixed with Benjamin Moore colorants, stains, or oil based paints

Studio Finishes Alkyd Glaze (409) is full-bodied and is easily applied over flat or satin finishes. Used alone, Studio Finishes Alkyd Glaze (409) dries to a washable, clear, low lustre finish. Creates an infinite variety of designs and effects on interior surfaces. Washable finish. Adds depth to specialty finished projects. Can be applied over latex and oil-based coatings. Recommended For: For producing unique effects and adding depth to all types of specialty finish projects. For interior surfaces of wood, wallboard, cured plaster, and metal; use on new and previously painted furniture, trim, walls, and ceilings. Order Benjamin Moore Alkyd Glaze 409 Studio Finishes Oil





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